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According to a study by the California EPA, every man, woman and child exchanges between 10,000 and 70,000 liters of air every 24 hours, just to sustain life. With this kind of dependence, needless to tell you how important the physical and chemicals properties of your air must be. At that rate, day in and day out, even very minute levels of airborne toxins pose significant health concerns.

And yet, air quality is often overlooked, compared to concerns about what's in your food and water.

There was a time, long ago, when humans spent most of their time outside. But today, of course, this is not the case. The average person spends 90 percent of his time inside buildings, as his needs have evolved from chasing down antelope to tracking investment opportunities on the Internet.

This is where Air-Guard Medi-Tech Air Purification Systems come into play.

Designed by team of ‘Aerobiological Engineers’ in Canada, which is the field of study that combines elements of environment engineering and microbiology. Air-Guard systems utilize a unique approach of reducing the risk of airborne disease and contaminants from spreading by altering the biology of indoor air.

Air-Guard Medi-Tech Air Purification Systems have a combination of high efficiency advance air cleaning technologies, they are specifically designed to remove up-to 99.97% air borne bacteria, viruses, dust mites, dust particles, molds, spores, VOCs, harmful gases, smoke, food smell and bad odors from indoor air. Air-Guard Systems are ideal air cleaning solution for hospitals, residential apartments, villas, schools, colleges, offices, hotel rooms, industrial workplaces, and heavy traffic area.

Air-Guard Medi-Tech Air Purification Systems are designed specifically to provide next level of clean and healthy indoor air. What makes Air-Guard systems unique is their patent arrangement and repeat filter technique without compromising the airflow rate. This intensifies the air cleaning process by many folds and gives optimum results in least time, which are merely achieved by cosmetic rival devices. Incorporating the new generation of low cost filters assures a hassle free prolong operation for longer durations.

The term Medi-Tech is given due to its unique combination of filtering stages and methods, which are used by medical industry to maintain clean air quality in surgery rooms, laboratories and isolation rooms.

With their tough and rigid industrial look Air-Guard systems are smart in operation. They are equipped with dust and smoke sensors to auto regulate working speed according to the environment condition, they also indicate when filters need to be changed or unit requires service.

Air-Guard Systems come in a variety of range for various indoor applications

Professional Medical Grade
Air Purification Systems

for vast spectrum indoor air sanitization

Air-Guard 400

Air-Guard 600

Air-Guard 800